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on Feb 24, 2016

Big changes are coming to this website! Instead of doing frequent small stockings of a variety of one-off diapers, I'm moving toward doing seasonal collections four times per year. Each quarter, I will release a new collection of exclusive designs, available only here on this site. You will have the opportunity to order them in whatever style and size that you need. They will remain available for three months, or until materials run out. Additionally, I will continue to maintain my Etsy shop with a wide variety of both ready-to-ship and made-to-order items. But the designs stocked here on this site will be special!

In conjunction with the change in stocking style, I'm also building a brand new beautiful website! It will still be located at LittleBoppers.com so you won't have to remember a new url or change your bookmark. :)

If you haven't already subscribed, please sign up for my email newsletter to be kept up to date on the changes and to get your first peek at my seasonal collections: Little Boppers Email Newsletter

Did you know I'm looking for Brand Ambassadors? These are cloth diapering mamas with exceptional photographic skills and highly photogenic babies, who are interested in receiving free Little Boppers product in exchange for pro-quality photos I can use in advertising and promotion. If you are interested, please send me an email including samples of your photos to anne@littleboppers.com.

- Anne

Update to the stocking schedule!
on Oct 26, 2015


I've decided to switch my LittleBoppers.com stocking schedule to twice per month, on the First and Third Tuesdays at 2pm Central. My next stocking will take place on November 3rd. In the meantime you'll find LOTS of Little Boppers products instock atLittleBoppers.Etsy.com. 

Hopefully hubs isn't home when this happens! lol
on Sep 14, 2015

On Vacation!
on Aug 12, 2015

Thanks for stopping by. I'm currently on vacation! My shops (this one, my Etsy, and my Zibbet) will reopen on Friday August 22nd,
and my weekly stockings will resume beginning on August 25th. Hope to see you then! - Anne

Huge Giveaway!
on Oct 22, 2014

Little Boppers has donated a $25 gift code to this huge giveaway celebrating Sweet N' Charmed Fabrics 1st Anniversary! You are invited to enter!







on Sep 26, 2014

Little Boppers is now on Instagram! I'd love for you to follow me.





On vacation...next stocking will be August 5th!
on Jul 26, 2014

There will be no stocking on July 29th beause I'll be out of town. Regular weekly stockings will resume Tuesday, August 5th. See you soon!

- Anne


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on Jul 2, 2014

If you like exclusive discount codes, you will want to be subscribed to my email newsletter this month! ;)
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Top Cloth Diaper Businesses March 2014
on Mar 31, 2014

Very honored to be on this list again! Thank you for your reviews!


One of my diapers featured on Zibbet's blog today!
on Feb 10, 2014

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